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Offering accessible personal training and group sessions to Yachts, Villas, Homes and cool local spots around the island of Mallorca, I’m on a mission to help you get fitter healthier and happier through whatever stage of a fitness/lifestyle journey you might be on.

BT23 Fitness Offers:

  • Personal 1-1 sessions
  • Group classes

The BT23 Philosophy


Moving your body isn’t just good for physical fitness; it’s also part of your emotional well-being. I am dedicated to helping you explore the power of being active and its far-reaching benefits beyond just working out

Making It Easy

I want to eliminate the barriers to my clients not being able to lead a healthy lifestyle and get the most from their fitness journey. I meet my clients where they are, be it, on a yacht, staying in a villa on holiday, or at a cool local spot away from the crowds to be able to work out with ease

Helping You On Your Own Journey

Whether you’re just at the start of a fitness journey, lifestyle change or a long-time athlete looking for some fresh inspiration, I’m here to support you , challenge or shake up your routine and make it easy to remove the barriers to success.

Everyone Welcome

The best part of my job is that everyone is different and the reward from working with so many different clients, at any level, is why I started BT23 Fitness. It’s a two-way process and ultimately I listen to your needs and goals and adapt my offering accordingly. I’m on a mission to make fitness accessible for everyone.


K.T. Newman

“Bradley is the BEST! He’s extremely professional and motivational! I used to hate working out and Because of the way Bradley runs his training sessions I now enjoy working out and look forward to it!”

Andrew Laverock

“Top class outdoor sessions. Great PT. 100% recommend to anyone of all fitness levels.
I did some sessions with Bradley during my week in Palma. He met me outside my hotel, and made great use of an area at the sea front. Totally different and well thought out sessions each time. Kettle bells, resistance bands, battle ropes, jumping, stair climb, boxing, sprints, the list goes on…
The pizza workout killed me and was my favourite! 
Ps he also offered some great local knowledge of where to go running and some great coastline for a snorkel!
Nice bloke and a great PT. Thanks Brad!”

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